Appeal to the United Nations Global Compact and Local Networks


A year ago, on 24 February , Russia launched a full-scale war in Ukraine. Since that time, thousands of Ukrainians have been killed. Half of the Ukranian energy system has been destroyed, and this has resulted in frequent black-outs. Dozens of Ukranian cities have been partially or fully destroyed . Nonetheless, the Ukrainian people continue to   resist and are fighting for their freedom, human rights and democratic values.

The Ukrainian private sector has remained steadfast in it’s support for the nation.. From the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian companies have:

  • provided medical and humanitarian aid to civilian and military Ukrainians affected by the war;
  • supported their employees, families and communities;
  • provided Ukrainians with rescue efforts, electricity, and fought hard to repel regular Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure;
  • continued to operate despite constant danger threatening the country’s economy;
  • steadfastly believe in a peaceful and prosperous future for Ukraine.

UN Global Compact Network Ukraine unites the private sector, Ukranians and partners from around the world by launching the following projects:

  • Mental Help. Free psychological assistance for people affected by the war. The platform helps employees of participating companies, who have become veterans or were injured. Providing them with support for a  return to a normal life. Another goal is  to help families to better understand the challenges facing their veteran-spouses and encorage the development of strong families.
  • Anti-Corruption Collective Actions. Video course which helps SMEs to work out the principles of transparent operations. The course is in line with the principle of “rebuild Ukraine better”. It helps businesses to incorporate the idea of Anti-Corruption into their strategy and operations.
  • Climate Ambition Accelerator. Assistance to companies in setting SBTi and becoming carbon neutral.
  • SEED. Educational and financial support for small agribusinesses.

We are grateful to GCO and Local Networks, in particular from Poland, France, Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Georgia, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Japan and many others, who did a lot to help our team and the entire Ukrainian people in this challenging time. Thank you all for supporting us.

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