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38 000

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Epicenter, the largest retailer in Ukraine regarding retail space, has a wide geographical presence and 38 thousand employees. At the same time, the company strives to create the most efficient business ecosystem by investing in the retail network, logistics, and production. In addition, the company continues to support thousands of domestic suppliers, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since its inception, Epicenter has focused its activities on responsibility and environmental friendliness. It has been 20 years of successful business in Ukraine, supporting the country’s economy, domestic producers, and millions of customers, from the historic opening of the first Epicenter in 2003 in the capital of Ukraine to the opening of innovative shopping centers during the war in 2022 in Kyiv and Lviv.

Despite the full-scale Russian invasion, the Epicenter chain of shopping centers continues to operate, helping the country and providing Ukrainians with all the necessary goods.

During the war, the Epicenter implemented a large-scale charity initiative called “Saving Lives.” It delivered 50 resuscitation vehicles to medical professionals in different regions of the country, primarily to the frontline. During the first months of the Russian aggression, Epicenter and local authorities created three humanitarian hubs that processed thousands of tons of humanitarian aid for hundreds of thousands of IDPs. The total assistance to the country during the war amounted to over UAH 1 billion.

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