Partnership for Sustainability Award

Partnership for Sustainability Award is an annual international campaign, within which the UN Global Compact Ukraine awards the best projects implemented through partnerships between businesses, government, and civil society to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and support Ukraine during the war.

The competition was founded in 2018 with the aim of uniting stakeholders around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The award takes place annually, with the exception of 2022 — the year of the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Today, we realize the value of partnership more than ever before. In the face of Russian aggression, Ukraine has united, just as the entire world has come together to help us withstand.

Today, we are awarding projects from participants from Ukraine and European countries aimed at supporting Ukraine during the full-scale invasion, as well as other best practices of sustainable development that can serve as examples for future recovery.

Partnership for Sustainability Award is international campaign . In past years, it has involved around 400 representatives from Ukraine, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Poland, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

Awards are given out in four categories

  • PEACE (Warriors of Light). Aid to defenders of Ukraine, first aid to civilians affected by hostilities, human rights protection.
  • PLANET. Minimization of environmental consequences of hostilities, green innovations, biodiversity protection, water conservation and purification.
  • PROSPERITY. Reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure, overcoming the economic consequences of hostilities, anti-corruption efforts.
  • PEOPLE. Promotion of inclusiveness, quality education, cultural diversity, gender equality, healthcare.

Please note! The UN Global Compact Ukraine may not share the views of the applicants and is not responsible for the information provided. The inclusion of company names and/or cases in publications is solely for study purposes and does not imply approval of individual companies by the UN Global Compact. These examples were collected through the efforts of local networks of the United Nations Global Compact, which are independent and self-governing bodies promoting the United Nations Global Compact initiative and its Ten Principles at the national level.

Results of the 2023 campaign

Results of the 2021 campaign

Results of the 2020 campaign

In addition to the usual four categories, an additional category “COVID-19” was introduced, which encompassed projects aimed at overcoming the pandemic.


Oleksandr Vysotskyi
Manager of the Partnership for Sustainability Award


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