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The Lviv IT Cluster is the largest tech association in Ukraine, uniting over 270 companies and startups with more than 90,000 specialists. The cluster is dedicated to advancing the technological industry in the region and the country in collaboration with governmental and educational representatives. For over 11 years, the community has been developing projects aimed at socially significant sectors for the IT industry, such as education, law, infrastructure, and promotion.

Currently, the Lviv IT Cluster employs 48 highly skilled professionals, with its main office located in Lviv. Last year, the Cluster opened a Cooperation Office in Kyiv, aiming to enhance and improve the industry's interaction with authorities at various levels.

In March 2022, in response to Russia's large-scale invasion, the Lviv IT Cluster initiated the Victory Projects. These projects support businesses, military, critical and civil infrastructure, and bolster the region's security. During this time, the Lviv IT Cluster has allocated over 90.5 million hryvnias to victory projects, roughly equivalent to almost 2.7 million dollars.

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