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TOPSENS LLC is a psychological assistance center that provides professional support to people in need of diverse psychological assistance. Taking care of the mental health of Ukrainians and helping them find a way out of crises is the goal of the center. The company's headquarters is located in Kyiv.

The strategic focus of TOPSENS LLC is to provide highly professional psychological assistance to those who require it. The center works with the following requests:
- self-knowledge with the help of a specialist;
- overcoming difficulties in communication;
- work with low self-esteem;
- midlife crisis and other age-related problems;
- emotional dependence in relationships;
- stress, depression, anxiety, obsessive fears;
- psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder;
- aggression and auto-aggression;
- increased feelings of guilt;
- conflicts and lack of understanding in families;
- betrayal, jealousy, divorce;
- children in a situation of parental divorce;
- conflicts with children, conflicts with parents;
- psychology of adolescents;
- polygraph testing.

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