SEED 3.0 project has been launched!


🌱Over 200 participants will start their educational journey with SEED 3.0 project, aimed at developing small agribusinesses and implementing the best business ideas in the agricultural sector. In the final stage, the top 10 projects will receive a grant of 100,000 UAH each to strengthen or create from scratch businesses in agricultural and related sectors.

On 15 February UN Global Compact Ukraine launched the project. Tetiana Sakharuk, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Ukraine, greeted the participants:


For the third year we have been implementing our SEED project. Each time we are overwhelmed with emotions when we see such a large number of sincere and motivated individuals. We believe in and strive to support everyone who participates in the project.

The First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Vysotskyi wished the participants success in applying the knowledge to implement their ideas.


SEED is one of those projects that will help restore and develop the agricultural sector in Ukraine. The fact that such an initiative exists and a large number of active individuals ready to invest in the development of the agro-sector means that we are all on the right path.

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Department at the MHP Pavlo Moroz emphasized that in order to support the economy it is important to develop partnerships based on shared values. Pavlo shared a successful case of established cooperation: the project of the participant of the first wave of the SEED project, Victoriia Kryveshchenko’s quail farm “Magic Bird” in Kyiv region, which caught the interest of the MHP and a commercial cooperation agreement has already been concluded:

This is about forming a successful business ecosystem, noted Pavlo Moroz. On one hand, it serves as an additional driver for the development of local businesses, and, on the other hand, for MHP it provides additional opportunities in product strategy development. This year we will also pay attention to supporting veteran-owned businesses.There are cases where soldiers lost their businesses defending their homeland. Now it’s our turn to support them. Overall, the experience has demonstrated that projects like SEED provide opportunities for participants to realize their entrepreneurial potential and for the state to restore its economic capacity, especially in the conditions of ongoing needs to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Participant of the second wave of the SEED project, Iryna Polishchuk, shared the experience she gained during the program:

During the SEED project I gained something more important than just funding. It’s about new knowledge, connections and support. Equally important is the belief in your business project. If you actively and passionately work towards your business goals with passion, it will definitely pay off in the future.

Alex Lissitsa, UNGC Ukraine Economical Ambassador, President of Ukrainian Agribusiness Club and CEO of the IMC, emphasized the importance of creating high-quality small and medium-sized business projects:


Despite the challenging situation, participants of the project are thinking about the future and are already planting seeds today that will yield results in the future.. The SEED 3.0 project, in turn, provides an opportunity to develop a business plan that investors will want to finance and support.

Andrea Pont, PepsiCo Foundation Lead in Europe, supported SEED 3.0 participants at the start of the training:


For me, the SEED project is about hope. It’s a catalyst of change and innovation. I’m deeply grateful for the impact, which the SEED project is doing when it comes to innovations and prosperity. I wish all the farmers have a wonderful journey and wishing you the best”

Viktoriia Kulakova, a mentor at SEED project, founder of the social enterprise ‘It’s Craft’ and the agency “Victory House,” urged participants to actively engage in learning:

I wish each of you courage, strength, self-confidence, and a dash of creativity so that your business plan ends up on the front pages. I hope that during the mentoring sessions we will be able to achieve something that will set you apart from others.

Coordinator of the SEED 3.0 Project Denys Lifintsev expressed his support for the participants and wished to find the most valuable experience for themselves in the project:

I want the funding received by the best business ideas not to be the main prize within the project. Because above all we aim to support each of you and develop our economy and country. I wish everyone to seize maximum opportunities and take a step forward.

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