Community Center Oplich HUB has started its work in Zaporizhzhia


On July 18, the UN Global Compact Ukraine and Metinvest Group’s humanitarian initiative “Saving Lives” opened the “Oplich HUB” community center in Zaporizhzhia.

The goal of “Oplich HUB” is to unite the residents of Zaporizhzhia for mutual support and mutual assistance in conditions of uncertainty. This initiative is a continuation of the Mental Help project of the UN Global Compact Ukraine, which is aimed at providing free psychological help to Ukrainians in difficult wartime.

“Oplich HUB” offers visitors the following activities:

  • individual consultations with a psychologist;
  • group art therapy for adults;
  • group art therapy for children;
  • group yoga;
  • open lectures and master classes;
  • legal consultations.

The HUB employs the best specialists in the field of psychology, art therapy and yoga who have received training from international experts from the Israel Trauma Coalition, UCLA and the University of Denver. All the activities of “Oplich HUB” will be absolutely free and confidential.

The grand opening of the community center took place on July 18. It was attended by all project partners who contributed to the launch of the community center, namely: Metinvest Group, Carlsberg Ukraine, Biosfera Corporation, Caparol Ukraine, Epicenter-K, Zaporizhzhia Regional Council, Foxtrot, Bob Snail, Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s (HIA), Free Legal Aid and Zaporizhzhia Academic Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Magara.

Representatives of the UN Global Compact Ukraine, Metinvest Group and the Zaporizhia Regional Council held a panel discussion on the importance of uniting communities for mutual support in conditions of uncertainty.

Tetiana Sakharuk, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Ukraine, emphasized:

“Unity and mutual assistance at all levels and in all spheres is what will help us as a nation to win this war. We are glad to open “Oplich HUB” in Zaporizhzhia, standing side by side with our partners. Together, we created a place of psychological safety for the people. Here you can open up and share your fears, as well as feel part of the community and find the strength to withstand the challenges of our time. The hub’s specialists have received psychological assistance training from the world’s best experts. You can trust them and rely on their help.”

Tetiana Petruk, Director of Sustainable Development and Interaction with Personnel of the Metinvest Group, emphasized:

“On the seventeenth month of the war, each of us is in a state of psychological exhaustion. But we all learned to keep this exhaustion to ourselves. This has a negative effect on our mental health. We understand that the need for psychological help, especially in interesting and understandable formats, is huge. There are a large number of women who have to become supports for their children, for their loved ones who will return from the war. Their mental health is a priority. And many children may have certain psychological injuries due to stress, even if they are not visible to the naked eye. Understanding all this, we make it possible for such segments of the population to receive help. “Oplich HUB” is exactly the place where you can always go and where you will never be turned away.”

The children’s room of the center was equipped by the company “Epicentr K”. Ihor Polyakov, v. at. director of the “Epicentr” shopping center in Zaporizhia, noted:

“Support and help for children has always been in the field of vision of the Epicenter K company. And now, when the war is going on, our children need special care and attention. The Epicenter’s projects for children from orphanages and children of military personnel were continued in the Mental Help project. And it was with particular pleasure that we furnished the children’s room: we handed over furniture, electrical goods, household appliances, educational and creative products, toys. And the initiative “Collect dragons – help children” from the store of goods for children “Epic” contributed to the fact that our adult and small customers joined the project. They bought symbolic baby dragons in the Epicentr and became creators of a good, useful cause for children. So let the new comfortable, harmonious space for health restoration become the embodiment of inspiration and development for all its users. I wish you success and incredible achievements in your mental journey!”

How to participate in HUB activities?

We invite you to visit “Oplich HUB”, which is located at the address of str. Dobrolyubova, 7, Zaporizhzhia.

Look for information about the hub’s schedule in the Telegram and Viber channel.

Read more about the initiative on the website.

You can sign up for participation in the center’s activities by calling +380 66 853 78 98 or visiting the center.

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