Smart-Holding joins the UN Global Compact


Smart-Holding has become a participant in the UN Global Compact Ukraine, the Ukrainian network of the world’s largest community of responsible businesses. With this, the group confirmed its readiness to contribute to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact in four areas: human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.

Smart-Holding is one of the largest investment groups in Ukraine, comprised of companies that share common strategic goals and business principles. Smart-Holding focuses on the industries that are the key sectors of the country’s economy. Smart-Holding invests in enterprises in such areas as metals and mining, oil and gas, agriculture, shipbuilding and real estate. Smart-Holding also participates in other projects as a portfolio investor.

Smart-Holding’s strategy aims to deliver the effective management of a diversified portfolio of investments, ensuring long term growth in its value. Smart-Holding’s enterprises are continuously looking for new business lines that could become development drivers both for the enterprises and the economy of Ukraine.

As a participant in the UN Global Compact, the investment and industrial group will contribute to achieving eight Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Goal 2. No hunger: Since the start of the full-scale invasion, the group has been supplying food products to the military and civilians in affected regions. About 300,000 full rations have been provided to those in need.
  • Goal 5. Gender equality: Professionalism and expertise are not dependent on gender. Women hold 29% of leadership positions in group companies, meeting global standards.
  • Goal 8. Decent work and economic growth: The group believes that today, every conscious company in Ukraine should work not only for profit but also for the benefit of society. Effective business creates jobs, pays taxes, and supports the country’s economy during wartime. After Ukraine’s victory, Smart-Holding will continue to invest in high-tech production and the modernization of enterprises, contributing to stable employment for Ukrainians.
  • Goal 9. Industry, innovation, and infrastructure: Due to the destruction caused by Russia’s military actions, Ukrainian cities and villages need restoration. They should become open, safe, and resilient spaces. Therefore, Smart-Holding plans to leverage its expertise and investments to create and develop modern, barrier-free spaces, flexible infrastructure, and innovative industrial production.
  • Goal 11. Sustainable cities and communities: Smart-Holding businesses responsibly contribute to the budgets of regions where they operate. This supports the economic stability of communities, and sustainable initiatives contribute to community development.
  • Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production: The group aims to develop its businesses in line with the principles of sustainable consumption and production.
  • Goal 13. Climate action: Smart-Holding seeks to systematically minimize the impact of its production processes on the environment and climate.
  • Goal 17. Partnerships for the goals: The large-scale war has become a catalyst for seeking foreign partners to help rebuild Ukraine. Smart-Holding actively develops international business and political partnerships to attract investments and support Ukraine.

“Business does not exist in a vacuum. We are aware of our impact on the economy, the labor market, the environment, and the formation of sustainable processes in the regions where we are present. Smart-Holding is about responsibility on all fronts, where we can be a driver of transformations or positive changes. We are principled in this, both in working towards a full-scale invasion and in the post-war reconstruction, the start of which we are actively working on with international partners. Therefore, joining the UN Global Compact is our conscious public step,” said Julia Kiryanova, the CEO of the investment and industrial group Smart-Holding.

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