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29.07.2021 - 01.10.2021

Partnership for Sustainability Award 2021. Call for applications is now open!

The Partnership for Sustainability Award is the UN Global Compact Network Ukraine’s premier award for sustainability, peace, environmental and economic leadership. The Award recognizes organizations, businesses, associations, and individuals who are solving environmental, social and economic challenges by using innovative and environmentally sustainable practices, assigned by 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The annual campaign has begun in 2018. Over three years in a row, the Award has gained a strong reputation for independent, evidence-based judging, connecting people and inspiring action within businesses, communities, academia and government. More than 300 companies from Ukraine, Poland, North Macedonia, Georgia, Belarus and Turkey have participated in the campaign.

The Partnership for Sustainability Award demonstrates the tremendous achievements that are possible when industry, local communities and government work together to produce better environmental, peaceful, social and economic outcomes.

This year we accept applications from UNGC participating companies in Ukraine and other European countries. The winners will be selected by an international expert jury.

We accept the applications from business companies, non-profit organizations, and local authorities that have implemented the social projects in a partnership with a representative of another stakeholders group.

We accept projects in the following categories:

  •  People
  • Planet
  • Peace
  • Prosperity


  • Encourage and motivate organizations, businesses, associations, cities, counties, not-for-profits, private companies and educational institutions to adopt best practices and become the agents of change or role models for others to emulate.
  • Motivate implementation of sustainable strategies for improvement in operation standards.
  • The Partnership for Sustainability Award should give morale boost to management, businesses, employees and government.

The evaluation of the project will include such criteria as:

  •   Social development impact (25%);
  •  Innovation (25%);
  •  Partnership (25%);
  • Sustainability (25%)

Please submit a fully completed application form in English to the following email: partnership@globalcompact.org.ua, no later than October 1, 2021.

You must indicate the name of the company in the Subject line of the email.

Feel free to contact us at: partnership@globalcompact.org.ua. 

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