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Atmosfera is a leading Ukrainian company that designs, installs, and maintains solar power plants for households and businesses.

Over the 16 years of its operation, Atmosfera has trained 1200 solar power plant designers and installers by partnering with technical universities across the country. Cooperation with universities is crucial for the professional community’s sustainable development and for ensuring a high-quality customer experience. Atmosfera has co-founded an industry union to help the state shape legislation that will promote the industry’s sustainable development. The company is also constantly working to raise awareness among solar energy consumers.

Atmosfera’s main areas of sustainable development include building a sustainable energy system in Ukraine with clean energy, forming partnerships for sustainable development, providing quality education, and promoting decent work and economic growth.

The company sets ambitious goals for the coming years: promoting sustainable development of cities and communities in the context of post-war recovery, ensuring responsible consumption, and combating climate change and its consequences.

Sustainable Development Goal