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In June 2023, Force Group, which comprises Task Force, a language service provider, and Drive Force, a logistics company, joined the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest community of responsible businesses.

At the beginning of 2023, the company adopted the ESG strategy aimed at bringing its activities in compliance with the best practices in environmental protection, support to communities, and corporate governance. The company is committed to achieving the environmental, social, and governance goals, and will align all its activities with this strategy.

Task Force has been working on the translation services market for 12 years. Currently, the company has two offices, in Kyiv and Warsaw. Task Force ranks in the TOP 25 language service providers in Eastern Europe (CSA Research 2023, USA) and is featured among the TOP 300 largest language service providers in the world (Slator 2022, Switzerland). The company's clients are the UN and USAID projects in Ukraine, the World Health Organization, the European Parliament, and selected EU projects, as well as global and Ukrainian businesses. Task Force is a pro bono translation partner for UNITED24, a fund-raising initiative launched by the President of Ukraine to support Ukraine, and a number of non-profit organizations, including Tabletochki Foundation, Krona Charitable Foundation, and Early Birds, an association helping parents of prematurely born babies.

Drive Force, based in Kyiv, has been operating in the market of passenger and cargo transportation services since 2013. The company's clients include Ukrainian and global businesses, as well as humanitarian projects that involve the transportation of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and throughout Ukraine.

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