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Syngenta is a global agribusiness leader that produces high-quality crop protection products and seeds for field and vegetable crops. It provides farmers with innovative solutions to increase and improve the quality of their crops while addressing the challenges of climate change, biodiversity, and soil fertility sustainably.

Over 22 years of operation in Ukraine, the company has built a close-knit and reliable team of agricultural experts, strong partnerships with scientific institutions, and governmental and non-governmental organizations, and continues to invest in the development of business infrastructure, including R&D capacity, to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently, and provide access to innovations and breakthrough technologies locally.

Syngenta is important in ensuring food security in Ukraine and the world, especially in difficult times of war. To this end, Syngenta actively engages with all stakeholders, creating value and contributing to the well-being of each of them – farmer, employee, supplier, partner, community in which it operates, the state, and society.

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