Give a Job for UA: Support the Employment of Ukrainian Refugees Around the World



Global Compact Network Ukraine together with Local Network Poland, in partnership with Parimatch, Jooble and Happy Monday, launched the Give a job for UA project. The initiative aims to help Ukrainian refugees with employment and offers businesses from around the world an opportunity to support Ukraine by hiring them. Such vacancies will be posted for free on Jooble and Happy Monday job search platforms.

Prerequisites for the launching of the project

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than 4 million Ukrainians have left the country, losing their homes, jobs, and sources of income. Because of the Russian military invasion, 79% of Ukrainian companies were forced to entirely or almost entirely stop operating. Even after the end of hostilities, Ukrainians will not be able to immediately return home due to landmines, destroyed infrastructure and other factors that will take time to resolve.

“Russian military aggression forced millions of Ukrainians to leave their homeland. They lived through horrible things and lost their homes and jobs. Some of them left their families. Every day they worry and fear for their relatives who remained in Ukraine. And yet, Ukrainians want to work and bring their knowledge and skills to benefit those companies that will lend them a helping hand. Global Compact Network Ukraine encourages businesses worldwide: Give a Job For UA, give them a chance for a decent future,” — says Tatiana Saharuk, CEO of Global Compact Network Ukraine.

Together with Global Compact Network Ukraine, Parimatch calls to support the project in two areas:

  • uniting businesses in the search for vacancies for Ukrainians worldwide, matching refugees with relevant jobs;
  • sharing the call through the Global Compact Network participants to urge the maximum number of companies to create opportunities for Ukrainians.

Give a job for UA partners will benefit through the access to skilled candidates, ethnic experience and cultural diversity, strengthening of the brand reputation, and extension of the CSR case portfolio. Thus, Ukrainian refugees will be able to find employment in companies with high demand for temporary jobs, and address the lack of online and offline employees. It matters for Ukrainians because the integration into the new reality is heavily dependent on having a job abroad. 

“The Ukrainian economy is struggling, and we are trying to sustain it in all possible ways for the future of the country. Support of the Give a job for UA project allows us to help our compatriots to survive and send funds to those who remain in Ukraine. Also, the project is an opportunity to help Ukrainians who are wholly focused on volunteering but ready to work for European or American companies remotely,” — commented Maryna Grytsenko, Chief Sustainability Officer of Parimatch Tech.

How to join the Give a job for UA initiative

Jooble and Happy Monday created special website sections for the vacancies from European companies and participants of the Global Compact Network. In addition to the website section, Jooble has already launched a Telegram channel for Ukrainians with daily job offers sorted by the country. 

Any cooperation offers, questions, and suggestions you may send via email: [email protected].

If you can propose a job position, please contact us and send your vacancies to the following email address: [email protected].

“Our purpose is to help Ukrainians find a job in the EU countries that sheltered them during Russia’s military aggression. Most Ukrainian refugees do not have the funds to stay abroad for too long. Despite being representatives of different professions, they are united by similar difficulties and desire to work. Therefore, we need to ensure Ukrainians’ legal and safe employment in the European labour market,” — commented  Dmytro Gryn, CEO of Jooble, Job Aggregator.

The Give a Job For UA also includes:

  • collecting general information for background questionnaires for job search;
  • lists of local job search portals and language learning resources;
  • evaluation of local regulatory requirements and recruitment nuances;
  • negotiations with local companies on the allocation of jobs for Ukrainians as a part of their corporate social responsibility programs.

“During the first month of the war, thousands of important and necessary projects appeared in various fields, including employment. But current initiatives mostly gather existing vacancies. The goal of the Give a Job to UA project is to create new job opportunities. We understand that the current labor market in most countries has been quite balanced, but the wave of talented, hard-working Ukrainians reshaped the market and we need extra efforts to bring it to the new level of stability, we need to create new jobs for Ukrainians”,Hanna Mazur, co-founder and CEO of Happy Monday.

We believe that everyone is entitled to the same opportunities, regardless of where we come from or the multiple challenges we might face.

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