UN Global Compact Ukraine installed an anti-corruption cube in Kyiv on Podil


In Kyiv, a new art object appeared on Kontraktova Square – an anti-corruption frame from the UN Global Compact Ukraine. The goal of the installation is to draw attention to the personal responsibility of each of us for the eradication of corruption from the public life of Ukraine.

What is the art object about?

The cube has a mirror surface in which everyone sees the reflection. This symbolizes the personal responsibility of each of us for the existence of the phenomenon of corruption in Ukrainian society. Every smallest bribe creates prerequisites for tolerating corruption at the highest levels. Therefore, overcoming corruption begins with the personal rejection of it in private life.

Inside, the object has the shape of a labyrinth, which creates an obstacle for passing through the cube. In this way, the organizers emphasize that eradicating corruption from public culture is a difficult task that involves overcoming numerous obstacles. To fulfill it, collective actions are necessary. So, the public sector, public organizations, and businesses must unite and develop the principles of honest interaction, which excludes any corruption risks.


Why is the fight against corruption important during war?

Corruption is one of the key factors causing mistrust of Ukraine in the international community. Ukraine needs foreign investment for reconstruction, but donors have doubts about the intended use of the funds transferred to Ukraine. In order to prove to international partners the integrity of Ukrainian state and private structures, to form an investment-attractive image of Ukraine abroad, and to obtain the resources necessary to restore the country after the destructive military actions of Russia, it is necessary to establish zero tolerance for any manifestations of dishonesty in society once and for all.

What can everyone do?

Visit the art object in Podil, take a photo, and join the flash mob on social networks under the hashtag #долаю_корупцію. Let 2023 be the year of victory, including over corruption.

Find out how small and medium-sized businesses can overcome corruption risks by taking the Anti-corruption video course for small and medium-sized businesses, which has a QR code placed on the cube. This educational series was developed by the UN Global Compact Ukraine with the informational support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Office for Entrepreneurship and Export Development. It helps develop the principles of honest work of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the basis of the Ukrainian economy, as well as a link in the supply chain of large Ukrainian and international companies.

Anyone can watch the short series on the online platforms “Diia.Business” and “Diia.Digital education“.

Guests of the event

The anti-corruption initiative of the UN Global Compact Ukraine has broad support among Ukrainian structures working to combat corruption.

Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi, head of the Center for Leadership of UCU and Member of the Board of Transparency International Ukraine, supported the creative idea of a mirror anti-corruption art object:

“For me, the fight against corruption begins with a look in the mirror. We are all people and have the potential to commit corrupt acts, when, for example, we want a better place in kindergarten for our child or make kickbacks in business. We have to start overcoming corruption from ourselves. Small and medium-sized businesses also have corruption risks. Therefore, I am very glad that there is a reference to an anti-corruption course for SMEs in the framework of the UN Global Compact Ukraine. Cultivating a culture of integrity is something we can do today ourselves, without relying on the government.”


The opening of the installation was attended by Yaroslav Lyubchenko, Deputy Head of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), who emphasized:

“This anti-corruption installation symbolizes what Ukraine is fighting for and what distinguishes us from Russia. European integration and the fight against corruption, both at the state level and in business and in everyday life, is a daily chore. NACP is actively working on the anti-corruption strategy and the state anti-corruption program. This is a response to corruption at the national level. And such initiatives, which unite state bodies, business and civil society, greatly strengthen joint work on the eradication of corruption.”

Oleksandr Starodubtsev, coordinator of the Office of Integrity and Enlightenment at NACP, is convinced:

“The situation with corruption will change in Ukraine, when stealing will not only be scary, but also shameful. Our entire anti-corruption system is focused on punishing violators. It’s not enough. The feeling that something cannot be done must come from within — through ethics and morality. When those caught in corruption will be ashamed to look their children and neighbors in the eye, then we will have a shift. If we want to overcome corruption, we should take as an example not the Soviet Union, where everyone was afraid of everything, but Europe, where the reputation institute works.”


Tetiana Khutor, head of the Institute of Legislative Ideas, joined the event. She noted:

“Today, it is very important to raise the issue of fighting corruption and the role of business in the transparent reconstruction of Ukraine. Ukrainian resistance depends on how much money the country has, how well the economy works. The economy depends on business. The more transparent the state works, the more interested businesses are in investing in the country. Integrity is one of the components of our victory in this war.”

Ukraine’s freedom from the external enemy is won today at the cost of the lives of our defenders. Corruption is an internal enemy of Ukraine. The fight against it is the duty of the entire civilian part of society. Let’s defeat corruption together!


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