Mental Help Project provides Ukrainians with free psychological assistance


«Mental Help» is a project of Global Compact Network Ukraine that aims to provide people who suffered from the Russian-Ukrainian war with free psychological assistance.

The project was launched at the end of March. The target audience was employees of the companies — participants of Global Compact Network Ukraine. During the first three days of the project, we provided professional psychological help to more than 300 people. They attended group sessions.

Only in a few days, we received requests for help for children and elderly people, who managed to escape from shelling and bombing and need psychological support. We made an open call to psychologists who would be willing to cooperate at the project. Experts agree to provide several consultations for free and then work for a significantly reduced fee.

Today we have a group of 5 experts who have already started to provide their support. The other 5 are under consideration. We expect to unite at least 25 professional psychologists for the project. The project will be able to provide from 25 to 125 hours of support per week, depending on the number of requests and frequency of individual sessions. Group sessions will be provided to at least 500 people. Small group training (up to 7 people) will be provided to at least 50 people.

During the last two days, psychological help was provided to 30 individuals. Today we have 9 new requests from adults as well as 5 from children through their guardians. The number of requests is growing every day. We receive general requests that we cover through open group sessions and training such as «Parenting at War Time» or «Self-support at War Time».

We also receive very specific heavy requests. One of them is below.

Sasha,12 y.o. boy from the city of Mariupol. Sasha has many diplomas from singing competitions, he had an excellent voice, but now he is silent. This child pees and moans in his sleep, although he has not done so before. He draws pictures and all of them are with acts of violence and blood. He is a small kid with a very big mental trauma. He spent 15 hellish days in occupied Mariupol. The family spent the nights in the basement of their house, and when it was destroyed, they moved to the neighboring one. They melted snow to get some water and ate stale bread. Now Sasha hides the food under his pillow when he falls asleep because he is afraid that there will not be enough food again. When there was a chance to leave the city, Sasha’s family was in a car with the sign “Children”. The car that was driving in front of their one was shot. Sasha didn’t know those people, but he saw them when they died. He saw the destroyed city and many corpses when they escaped. Sasha saw how his cat was squeezed by a tank.

The project’s psychologist started to work with the boy. It requires many hours and many efforts to help him to go back to life.

There are hundreds of thousands of such stories. Everyone in Ukraine is affected now: kids, adults, elderly. Millions of people require professional support to be able to cope with such problems as fear of physical threat, anxiety, trouble sleeping, anger, nightmares, being jumpy, etc. Many people were deprived of their homes, and they cannot cover psychologists’ services fees. The aim of the project is to provide Ukrainians with free of charge psychological support.

Despite being valuable mental support for vulnerable people, our project is also an opportunity for therapists to save their job, find new business partners, and widen their services in the future.

Currently, we are looking for partners to cover the costs of the project. We need to build a safe and sustainable future for people who unfairly suffered from the war! Be with us!

If you want to be a partner in the project, please contact us: help@globalcompact.org.ua. 

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