We launched the “Anti-Corruption” video course for small and medium-sized businesses


The UN Global Compact Ukraine launched the Anti-Corruption video course. It helps develop the principles of honest work of small and medium-sized enterprises, without which it is impossible to be a link in the supply chain of large Ukrainian and international companies. The inclusion of these principles in the work of small and medium-sized businesses is also a guarantee of a healthy economy of Ukraine.

The course was created with the informational support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office. You can watch the educational series on the Diia.Business portal and the Diia.Digital education.

The video course contains 5 training modules, each lasting 5-8 minutes, which ensures fast and effective learning.

The development of the course took more than two years as part of the Anti-Corruption Collective Action program of the UN Global Compact Ukraine. More than 50 Ukrainian experts from the private and public sectors joined the work on it.

The course is based on the Typical anti-corruption program of a legal entity from NACP, the recommendations of the manual on collective actions against corruption from the UN Global Compact, and international norms.

Tatiana Sakharuk, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Network Ukraine, emphasizes:

“Effective reconstruction of Ukraine requires the involvement of foreign investors. They should have no doubts that their funds will be directed as intended. For this, integrity must once and for all become the basis of Ukrainian business operations. Just as we fight for our freedom today, we must fight for our better future – a future without corruption.”

“According to the study, only in 2020-2021, the economic and anti-corruption effect of the introduction of online services amounted to UAH 16.37 billion. And the potential anti-corruption and economic effect of two years of digitization amounts to UAH 48 billion. These numbers are impressive. Therefore, systematically combating corruption is very important for the recovery of the country. The new “Anti-Corruption”  educational series will contribute to the improvement of the country’s economy thanks to the integrity of business,” shared Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s freedom from the external enemy is won today at the cost of the lives of our defenders. Corruption is an internal enemy of Ukraine. The fight against it is the duty of the entire civilian part of society, in particular, the business sector. In a free Ukraine – free from corruption!

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